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The Calorie Database

This website is a searchable nutritional database of thousands of foodstuffs sold and consumed everyday.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, eat more healthily, formulate a diet, or are simply curious - here you can answer questions such as how many calories are in chocolate, or how much fat is in a pork pie? or even How much cholesterol is in crisps?.

But there's much more: discover how much fat is in your favourite cheese for instance, or how many calories are in different types of chicken products.

Find out about healthy (and not so healthy) foods from our handy lists: High Fibre Foods, Low Cholesterol Foods, Low Carbohydrate Foods, foods high in Zinc and more. Vegetarian restaurants are becoming increasingly popular.

All data on this site is sourced from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) under the Open Government License. Unless otherwise stated all figures are expressed per 100g of edible portion.

Examples of Food Data

Food Group Calories (kcal) Fat (g/100g) Fibre (g/100g) Cholesterol (mg/100g)
Fenugreek leaves, raw Vegetables general 35 0.2 N 0.0
Bilberries Fruit general 30 0.2 1.8 0.0
Old potatoes, King Edward, raw Main crop potatoes 73 0.2 1.3 0.0
Bacon rashers, back, dry-fried Bacon 295 22.0 0.0 65.0
White fish, dried, salted White fish 148 1.1 0.0 N
Peppers, stuffed with vegetables, cheese topping Vegetable dishes 102 6.3 1.5 5.5
Mangoes, ripe, canned in syrup Fruit general 77 Tr 0.7 0.0
Red snapper, fried in blended oil White fish 126 3.1 0.0 46.0
Beef, flank, raw, lean and fat Beef 266 20.8 0.0 60.0
Vegebanger mix, made up with water Vegetable dishes 148 5.8 3.1 0.0

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