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Milk and milk products

Foods listed under the Milk and milk products category. Includes Trifle, chocolate, individual , Organic semi-skimmed milk, pasteurised and Coffee compliment, low fat

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Food Group Calories (kcal) Fat (g/100g) Fibre (g/100g) Cholesterol (mg/100g)
Trifle, chocolate, individual Puddings and chilled desserts 15.4 14.6
Organic semi-skimmed milk, pasteurised Other milks 1.8
Coffee compliment, low fat Processed milks 16.1
Coffee whitener liquid, with skimmed milk and non milk fat Processed milks 4.0
Coffee whitener with glucose syrup and vegetable fat Processed milks 14.4
Tea whitener powder Processed milks 14.8
Non-dairy cream, UHT, canned spray Imitation creams 22.2
Simply Double dessert topping Imitation creams 28.2
Soya dessert topping Imitation creams 18.7
Low fat yogurt,hazelnut Low fat yogurts 1.5 1.6
Low fat yogurt, toffee Low fat yogurts 0.9
Reduced fat yogurt, frozen Low fat yogurts 2.0
Virtually fat free/diet yogurt, fruit,twin pot Other yogurts 0.1 1.2
Fromage frais, fruit, children's Other yogurts 4.8 3.3
Fruit fool, individual Puddings and chilled desserts 10.9 10.3
Mousse, reduced fat Puddings and chilled desserts 3.7
Cream, UHT, whipping UHT creams (373) (39.3) 0.0 105.0
Cheese, cottage, plain Cheeses 101 4.3 0.0 16.0
Complan powder, sweet, made up with water Milk-based drinks 101 3.3 Tr N
Raita, yogurt and gram flour Savoury dishes and sauces 103 6.7 1.0 17.3
Creme caramel, retail Puddings and chilled desserts 104 1.6 N N
Yogurt, twinpot, thick and creamy with fruit Yogurts 106 3.2 N N
Evaporated milk, light Processed milks 107 4.1 0.0 16.9
Instant dessert powder, made up with semi-skimmed milk Puddings and chilled desserts 107 4.4 N 5.0
Milk pudding, made with semi-skimmed milk Puddings and chilled desserts 108 2.0 0.1 6.4