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Calories in whole grain barley

Calorie and nutritional information for whole grain barley. Includes Barley, whole grain, raw, Nutri-Grain and Multi-Grain Start

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Food Group Calories (kcal) Fat (g/100g) Fibre (g/100g) Cholesterol (mg/100g)
Barley, whole grain, raw Flours grains and starches 301 2.1 14.8
Nutri-Grain Breakfast cereals 360 8.4 (3.0) 0.0
Multi-Grain Start Breakfast cereals 369 2.0 5.7 0.0
Barley, pearl, raw Flours grains and starches 360 1.7 N
Barley, pearl, boiled Flours grains and starches 120 0.6 N
Barley water, concentrated Squash and cordials 71 Tr Tr 0.0
Strong ale/barley wine Beers 66 Tr Tr 0.0
Barley water, concentrated, made up Squash and cordials 14 0.0 0.0 0.0