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Foods High In Iron

Iron is an essential mineral used to transport oxygen to all parts of our body. A slight deficiency of iron can cause anemia.

Top 100 High Iron Foods
Food Group Iron(mg/100g)
Thyme, dried, ground Herbs and spices 123.60
Cardamom, ground Herbs and spices 100.00
Marjoram, dried Herbs and spices 82.70
Cumin seeds Herbs and spices 69.00
Mixed herbs, dried Herbs and spices 68.97
Curry powder Herbs and spices 58.30
Mushrooms, Jew's ear, tender, dried, raw Vegetables general 56.10
Liquorice powder Herbs and spices 49.80
Dill, dried Herbs and spices 48.80
Ginger, ground Herbs and spices 46.80
Celery seeds Herbs and spices 44.90
Oregano, dried, ground Herbs and spices 44.00
Bay leaf, dried Herbs and spices 43.00
Basil, dried, ground Herbs and spices 42.00
Parsley, dried Herbs and spices 41.50
Turmeric, ground Herbs and spices 39.50
Cinnamon, ground Herbs and spices 38.10
Anise seeds Herbs and spices 37.00
Cockles, bottled in vinegar, drained Molluscs 35.00
Pepper, cayenne, ground Herbs and spices 34.10
Caraway seeds Herbs and spices 32.30
Curry powder, mixed flavours Herbs and spices 32.30
Garam masala Herbs and spices 32.60
Tarragon, dried, ground Herbs and spices 32.30
Mixed spices Herbs and spices 32.20
Chervil, dried Herbs and spices 31.90
Rosemary, dried Herbs and spices 29.30
Rusks, plain Infant cereal foods 28.00
Sage, dried, ground Herbs and spices 28.10
Cockles, boiled Molluscs 28.00
Ovaltine powder Powdered drinks and essences 28.00
Rusks, low sugar Infant cereal foods 26.00
Chinese 5 spice Herbs and spices 25.60
Bran Flakes Breakfast cereals 24.30
Rusks, wholemeal Infant cereal foods 23.00
Special K Breakfast cereals 23.30
Fenugreek seeds Herbs and spices 23.30
Paprika Herbs and spices 23.60
Asafoetida Herbs and spices 22.20
Mushrooms, Jew's ear, tough, dried, raw Vegetables general 21.50
Shrimps, dried Crustacea 21.30
Treacle, black Sugars syrups and preserves 21.30
Baby cereals, rice-based Infant cereal foods 20.00
Rusks, flavoured Infant cereal foods 20.00
Microdiet powder Milk-based drinks 20.00
Agar, dried Vegetables general 20.60
Yeast, dried Miscellaneous foods 20.00
Seaweed, nori, dried, raw Vegetables general 19.60
Bombay duck White fish 19.10
Baby cereals, wheat-based Infant cereal foods 18.00
Sultana Bran Breakfast cereals 18.20
Mustard seeds Herbs and spices 18.50
Fish paste Fish products and dishes 18.30
Liver, pig, stewed Offal 17.00
Dill seeds Herbs and spices 16.30
Liquorice shapes Non-chocolate confectionery 16.70
Baby cereals, various cereal-based Infant cereal foods 15.00
Cambridge Diet powder Milk-based drinks 15.70
Chilli powder Herbs and spices 14.30
Pepper, white Herbs and spices 14.30
Papadums, raw Breads 13.00
Mace, ground Herbs and spices 13.90
Mussels, canned and bottled, drained Molluscs 13.00
Liver, pig, raw Offal 13.90
Bran, wheat Flours grains and starches 12.90
Seaweed, kombu, dried, raw Vegetables general 12.70
Fennel seeds Herbs and spices 12.30
Curry paste Sauces 12.80
Build-up powder, shake Powdered drinks and essences 12.00
Liver, calf, fried Offal 12.20
Clusters Breakfast cereals 11.90
Ready Brek Breakfast cereals 11.90
Multi-Grain Start Breakfast cereals 11.70
Weetabix Breakfast cereals 11.90
Cheerios Breakfast cereals 11.90
Lentils, green and brown, whole, dried, raw Beans and lentils 11.10
Mushrooms, Chinese, dried, raw Vegetables general 11.70
Seaweed, wakame, dried, raw Vegetables general 11.60
Pepper, black Herbs and spices 11.20
Poppy seeds Nuts and seeds 11.10
Saffron Herbs and spices 11.10
Horlicks powder Powdered drinks and essences 11.20
Build-up powder, soup Powdered drinks and essences 11.30
Liver, calf, raw Offal 11.50
Liver, chicken, fried Offal 11.30
Kidney, lamb, fried Offal 11.20
Cocoa powder Milk-based drinks 10.50
Pumpkin seeds Nuts and seeds general 10.00
Sesame seeds Nuts and seeds general 10.40
Tahini paste Nuts and seeds general 10.60
Winkles, boiled Molluscs 10.20
Worcestershire sauce Non-salad sauces 10.10
Hare, stewed, meat only Hare 10.80
Black pudding, raw Meat products 10.90
Weetos Breakfast cereals 10.90
Soya flour, low fat Flours grains and starches 9.10
Grapenuts Breakfast cereals 9.50
Prosobee Soya-based modified milks 9.30
Soya beans, dried, raw Beans and lentils 9.70
Mint, fresh Herbs and spices 9.50